Amygdala connectivity influenced by SSRI

Dynamic causal modeling is a fantastic method to investigate effective connectivity between brain regions. Here we used it in a pharmacological study to investigate the effects of SSRIs (Escitalopram, Citalopram) on amygdala connectivity. We found that cortical down-regulation is increased during acute SSRI intake in healthy volunteers.


Ronald Sladky, Marie Spies, Andre Hoffmann, Georg Kranz, Allan Hummer, Gregor Gryglewski, Rupert Lanzenberger, Christian Windischberger, Siegfried Kasper, 2015. (S)-citalopram influences amygdala modulation in healthy subjects: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind fMRI study using dynamic causal modeling. NeuroImage, Volume 108, March 2015, Pages 243–250.