Unsmoothed fMRI of the amygdala and BNST

Back in Vienna we conducted a 7T study on the famous emotion discrimination task (Hariri et al., 2002). We show that with this high-resolution data set and an optimized pre-processing strategy (thanks Andre and Michi!) we are able to perform an fMRI group analysis based on unsmoothed single subject data. This allowed for detecting and differentiating brain activation in distinct amygdala subnuclei and even in the bed nuclues of the stria terminalis.


Ronald Sladky, Nicole Geissberger, Daniela M Pfabigan, Christoph Kraus, Martin Tik, Michael Woletz, Katharina Paul, Thomas Vanicek, Bastian Auer, Georg S Kranz, Claus Lamm, Rupert Lanzenberger, Christian Windischberger, 2017. Unsmoothed functional MRI of the human amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis during processing of emotional faces. NeuroImage, SI:Neuroimaging with UHF MRI, in press.